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Our Story

Welcome to our humble design shop, where anything can happen! Design has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I've been designing logos, t-shirts and print design since 2011. With time I spread my wings into motion and webdesign. But I couldn't stop there! I felt I could bring more unique and beautiful designs to you all! So here I am on a quest to recreate and solve design dilemmas. I want to show you that things can be more beautiful and still remain functional. Why? Because it's possible. I hope to spread more beauty in all the little things and big things too! I also plan to create designs that you want to see more of. So keep in touch with us on our social media platforms. We want to hear from you! Until then, stay bold, unique and beautiful!
with Bold Grafx
Founder and designer,
Iman Arid

Iman Arid

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